Engaging Communities with Holiday Promotions

Engaging Communities with Holiday Promotions (#Luv4Social)

Engaging Communities with Holiday Promotions (#Luv4Social)


The holiday season is in full swing and that means great food, family gatherings, and holiday promotions! Between Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and pretty much every day from now until the ol‘ ball drops in Times Square, there are tons of sales events. With every store touting their “biggest sale ever,” how do you stand out from the crowd? How can managers go about engaging communities with holiday promotions? Should companies and brands offer special deals and discounts or share holiday-related content?

Join #Luv4Social on December 10th at 2pm ET / 11am PT on Twitter for, “Engaging Communities with Holiday Promotions,” eggnog optional!

Chat Questions:

  1. Do you give into the holiday promotion hype and search for the best deals?
  2. Does your company or brand offer special holiday promotions? What do they offer?
  3. What are some unique deals that brands can offer customers during the holidays?
  4. How should an organization go about creating a holiday promotional strategy?
  5. How can brands increase engagement with their communities by using a mobile strategy?
  6. What else should go into a holiday strategy, other than discounts and deals?
  7. What are your tips for making holiday promotions stand out and draw engagement?
  8. What is the best present you have ever received? What made it so special?

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