Using Hashtags to Launch Campaigns

Using Hashtags to Launch Campaigns (#Luv4Social)

Using Hashtags to Launch Campaigns (#Luv4Social)


Hashtags – we all use them and we all love them. For those not in-the-know, a hashtag is an easy way to catalog online messages. It’s a clickable URL that starts with a # (the pound sign, or the hashtag) that people use in their message if they want it to be organized with others with the same hashtag.

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We’ve all seen and/or used hashtags to express ourselves (e.g., #sorrynotsorry), chat with fans of our favorite TV shows (I still believe, #TheXFiles!), and participated in our favorite Twitter chats (talking to you, #Luv4Social chatters!).

Now that we know a little background information, how should brands be using hashtags to launch campaigns? Should they use trending hashtags to take advantage of popular topics, create a hashtag to promote a new product, or illustrate company culture by using a fun hashtag?

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Chat Questions:

  1. What are your favorite hashtags to use?
  2. What are some possible goals for using hashtags to launch a successful campaign?
  3. How should brands use hashtags to launch successful campaigns?
  4. What are some DO’s and DONT’s when it comes to brands using hashtags for a campaign?
  5. How can people use hashtags to promote their personal brands?
  6. When is it appropriate for a brand to use a trending hashtag?
  7. Share some successful hashtag campaigns you’ve seen from brands or individuals.
  8. What tools do you use to track a hashtag’s success?

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